July 2024's Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, July 01, 2024, 08:07:16 PM

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Bike manufacturers seem to be falling all over each other these days trying to one up each other in the middleweight 600-750 cc and even the 250-400 cc markets. Its as if they collectively all woke up from a two decade Bender to realize not everyone wants, needs, or can even ride a 1000-1400 cc Rocket, 900 lb Barcolounger with reverse gear or a Portly 34" seat height "Adventure" bike (de rigueur over priced and engineered riding gear sold separately).
From The early 80's to the late 90's I think all 4 Japanese manf's, not just Honda, offered good looking and performing bikes in the small to mid size market. As someone who recently sold 2 bikes and has looked at pretty much every new middleweight offering out there, I can honestly say I am beginning to appreciate even the bikes I passed on from that earlier era even more for what they are vs todays.

So, congratulations Fred1845, your clean looking 86VF700C is July 2024's BOTM.

This may not be I bike I have to have, but I can certainly appreciate it looks the part of what it is. If someone approached me and said you have to ride this from Maine to San Diego, I'd say "Hell Yeah" and probably have a blast.........

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That's a clean copy indeed.

I like the backreast and the bags. I need bags for going to hardware store or storing a diet Coke for a day trip.
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Great choice, Michael.

Congrats, Fred!

I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.