May 2024 Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, May 01, 2024, 01:28:35 PM

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It happens to all of us. One minute you and your bike are one, joined at the hip, best friends.

Then life steps up, taps you on the shoulder and hands you a note that says " You have things to deal with". Then its a blur of family commitments, work, bills, broken cars, maybe some medical stuff thrown in for an extra curve ball, etc....and, your bike is a stranger.

This months winner got through all that and rediscovered his bike in the best place possible.

His Garage.

So congratulations Magna Lover, your 84 V65 Magana decked out in enough chrome to make all the other Magna owners jealous, is May 2024's BOTM.


A link to the post. 

I think I speak for all of us when I say we look forward to seeing you back out on the road on your bike.

Post pics. :)
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A very impressive bike indeed. Congratulations to the owner with this superb machine, you did a great job.
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Congrats Magna Lover!

That's a sweet ride.

I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.


Wow- that bike is a real showpiece.

Nice work!

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Magna Lover

Thanks for the honor.  I just noticed that I left the drain pan under the bike when I took that picture.  I guess I was so proud of myself for getting the carbs right that I didn't see it.  One of these days I'll take better pics - maybe out in the sun as I'm actually riding it more often now especially going back and forth from the ethanol-free gas station. :)

Ride easy all!
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Nice Magna!! Congratulations!!
V4's are fun!


Damn, yea, thats a beautiful Magna for sure!!!
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She looks perfect, even being forgotten it's obvious she was well taken care of
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