March 2023 Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, March 03, 2023, 09:23:22 AM

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Whether its a picture or in person, I always seem to have the time to check out bikes that are obviously out touring, for a day or two or a month or two. If I'm able to talk with the owner, its "Where did you start? destination?, if there is one. Interesting points along the way? What did you pack for the trip? etc. I always seem to come away with something from these conversations, and never get tired of them.

This months winner picked a nice spot off rt. 28 in western NC for a quick stop and photo.

Windshield, backrest and highway pegs for comfort, soft saddlebags and maybe some camping gear? packed on the passenger seat and the ever useful six pack rack ready for whatever may be picked up along the way. Just a nice clean example of a big Maggie on the road.

Congratulations Kyle_D, your 85 V65 Magna in touring mode is March 2023's BOTM.

Time to start gearing up guys...............
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Life is grand with that beautiful zippy machine in that area.

I have pictures of some of my bikes in the same spot.

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That seat and back rest look very comfy.... she is a beauty.
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I love that spot.  Wish we would stop there more often but almost always zing right by in our thirst for Deal's Gap.
We ended up there by pure luck at the original SGT, iirc.  A massive rainstorm split our group in two.  You couldn't see the rider right in front of you and we were doing about 2 mph.  Half of us parked there and the rain stopped.  We waited forever and the other half never caught up.  I rode back about 5 miles to find anyone to no avail.  Met back up with my gang and we pressed on.

Love the Magna, Kyle.  Straight up good looking, unmolested power cruiser right there.

I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.


Michael, another excellent choice and Kyle, she's a beauty! 👍
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V4's are fun!


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Nice bike!

Didn't Kyle D also have a very sharp red '85 Sabre he'd done some work on?



Great bike. I never tried a V65, they are bigger than the more common VF45.
Honda VF45 Super Magna 1988
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