October 2021 Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, October 04, 2021, 09:03:41 PM

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Not many pics being posted over the last few years, so its dive into the Archives and hope for the best.

Well occasionally it may end up as the best results, as in this months BOTM.

As soon as I saw these pics I was hooked.

No surprise that it was Raymond (The Dutchy) who posted them.

Every time I think I'm getting this whole V4 thing down pat, I look over my shoulder to see guys like Raymond Cadmium plating his stock of Honda bolts, or casually rebuilding a Dutch V4 Endurance racer.

Yeah, like many of us, I have a ways to go.

Thanks for posting mate, if you can ever identify Number 70 in the pic we will give him his due regard. Love the way he is buzzing a couple of guys in shorts and what I think is an officer in the Guardia Nacional.

A link to Raymond's post.

Midcoast, Maine 

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I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.

The Dutchy

I don't known how to respond to the credit to what has been done by others 36 years ago.. I edo know the I do feel overwhelmed by the picture only have started back then.. Maybe it reflects my love for the VF750F interceptor back when I was young.. It reflects to the time to wherever things were possible, and things where not out of reach... Whenever friends stould togehter for the same goal.. Seems like far away, but so close...

Here's another pick from back in the days, even the same race and corner.. Can you imagine that, racing in the street (great song from Bruce Springsteen).. People watching a race from their balckony during the FIM 24hr endurance...

More to come on this bike.

Thanks Michael, never thought the the VF 750 would make the credit..

To the guys that know me, this looked like an easy one, but it took more then a decade to get the parts needed to make it original.. 

I will post an update on the Endurance chapter soon..
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