August 2021 Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, August 02, 2021, 03:44:40 AM

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Well, the Photo Gallery has been quiet for quite a while so I've had to take a tow through the older posts to find a BOTM.

Occasionally I find a gem that I missed previous, and I think this is definitely one of them.

Its rare enough nowadays to see a first Gen, never mind 3 different versions together, but here it is.

Congratulations Big Al in NY, your V65 Magna is August 2021's BOTM.

Have to admit its one of the few times I've seen the front wheel on the ground.  ;D

BTW, if I'm not mistaken Brads VF1000R now resides in Maine...............................

Midcoast, Maine 
90 VFR, 77 CB550


All beautiful bikes... :thumb
1977 Honda 400-4, 1983 V65 Magna and 1987 Yamaha Venture Royale.....Oswego, N.Y.


That pic is an oldie but a goodie!

Congrats, Al!

I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.


This was a very long time ago.  The v65 Sabre was my first v4, and was the bike that lead me to this forum and all of you.

Big Al helped me find my next v4, 1983 Magna v65 from the chicken effer himself, Larry from Michigan.  I tipped it over, fixed it, blew it up at an SGT, Jerry rebuilt it and finally sold it to another member who doesn't post anymore, Harry S from NJ.

And the vf1000r ended up being my next and third v4.  Bought it from Brad (in pic), rode the everloving shit out of it and sold it to Mike from Maine.  So yes, Michael, that is the bike that resides in your garage.   

I WOULD KILL TO SEE THAT VF10000R again.  Hell, I may ride to your door someday as that machine had the most character of anything I've ever owned.  I'm really glad that you have it, Michael.

Back to the important bike in this post, Big Al's Magna.  I can't promise, but am pretty sure that's the one he calls "The Dragon" bike.  He's had a few but this one never strays far from his view.  It had almost gotten to the point of no return due to lack of excercise but Al had Jerry bring it back to mechanical glory during the Covid.  Still seemed to run as well as it did in the 80's. 

I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.

The Dutchy

Congrats Big Al..

Nice pick Michael.
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V4's are fun!