May 2021 Bike of the Month

Started by FromMaine, May 04, 2021, 10:15:30 AM

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Not really sure how to approach this, but I'll try.

A bit over a year ago I came across this bike and put it on my desktop as a future BOTM.

Well in the interim I some how lost my notes on it. I suspect they ended up in the paper that I use to start the kindling for the wood stove. So the pic has been there, kind of dangling for a while, anonymous, unknown.

The last few days I have had a tow through the Photo Gallery with out finding the post it came from, so I have to sheepishly admit, I have no idea who posted it, but I like the bike.

So, with out further adieu, this months BOTM is what appears to be a VF1000F11. The plates in the back round do not have a country designator so I'm guessing its a UK bike, but I'm not even sure of that.

Anyway, as stated I like the looks of this bike.

edit, the bike behind it is on the left side of the road, so pretty sure its a UK bike.
Midcoast, Maine 
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The Dutchy

Nice bike Micheal..

IIRC it was Steevo searching for info on this colour scheme..

If not mistaken, it is a VF1000F Euro style.. Engine also hasn't got the 1985 update.. (Non linebored cams)

In 1985 the model was revised to the VF1000FF (Avialable in grey/read and grey/blue)

The VF1000F2 or VF1000FII was fully faired..

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Hi Raymond:

Many Thanks for the input.  As you might imagine, I'm a bit light knowledge wise on the Euro versions of the V4 series.

I was quite surprised to see an 18" front listed on the Bol Dor. The F's and R's came with a 16" front. I'm guessing the 18" gave better tracking for an Endurance Racer.

Have to admit I've always admired the fully faired Bol Dor's.
Midcoast, Maine 
90 VFR, 77 CB550


V4's are fun!


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That was the color scheme of the parts bike I bought. It had an unusual VIN. I think it came to the US from England via Canada. I had no history on the bike except that the owner died in an skimobile accident and the bike was stored for a number of years outside partly covered by a tarp. I think I posted the VIN a while ago in another thread.

I bought it without the tank (the person I bought the bike from thought it was worth big bucks for some reason- he was wrong) or the ratty F1 exhaust cans (ditto). I bought the bike mainly for the wheels-- which were the dark blue boomies as shown in the pic. BTW- they look just as good on the RWB US VF. I'm hoping the new owner of that bike posts to the site soon.

The bike yielded a trove of useable spare parts (most of which were sold with another VF). In addition the boomies (which were used on the one owner VF I bought);
the engine (which ran great after a carb service) went into a friend's bike and the shock went to TomK.

So it didn't die in vain.