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Started by The Dutchy, April 01, 2021, 04:57:15 AM

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The Dutchy

BOTM April 2021 has a a special twist to it. Over 8 years ago Michael started this topic and now, 8 years later, he has selected 99 bikes. To make it a bit different and to break the #100 entry, I stepped up to pic the century bike within this topic.

Well, it would be obvious, one person still hasn't made it as a member to the BOTM list. However, he does have a list of bikes that would qualify. I met this member on a few occasions at my place, and yes I had the opportunity to go out for a ride together with him. However, to make an entry within the BOTM, it requires pictures. So I dug into my archive and found a few pics. Here is an example of his stable:

So next question would be: Which of his bikes becomes BOTM April 2021? Well I do have a sweet spot for Interceptors so I picked his VF1000R:

This VF1000R is not packed away to become a museum piece, no certainly not.. It has seen many miles and has been ridden by its owner:

I think you all knowby now who I am talking about. Michael (FromMaine) your bike has been selected. And to add the words of the previous post from John Hilmer:

Michael is a RIDER.

:beer: Congratulations Michael (FromMaine) your  VF1000R has been selected as the "Century" Bike Of The Month.  :beer:

And as a member I can only say: Michael, many thanks for the 99 bikes being selected and entered within this topic by you. Thanks for all the effort and congrats on the achievement. I am looking forward to the next century of bikes being elected.

Those that walk along with the great herd, regularly walks through the crap left behind by others..


Great choice of bike and owner.

I hope it is not an April Fool's joke.

:thumb :thumb
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Hell Yeah !, Michael is a GREAT guy & a hard core rider !. Congats  :beer:
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Well this is a surprise!

A few weeks ago I asked Raymond if he would do me the honor of selecting the 100th bike for BOTM. He graciously accepted.

I was thinking he would dig up some nice looking Euro V4, or something like it. He did say he wanted to keep it a surprise, so I left him to it. He did go a bit quiet and guarded in our last few PM's. Now I know why.

Many Thanks Raymond, I certainly don't deserve it, my bikes are riders, as any one who has seen them can readily attest. But I love them all, just as if I rolled them off the showroom floor, so I guess that counts for something.

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Congrats Michael! Pick any of your bikes, they are all winners.

This award is not only for those pretty bikes but its about the love of the bikes. Some love to look at them, some like to shine them up and ride them somewhere to show it off and some people ride the wheels off. I always say that I'd rather see a well kept, well used bike over one that sits in someone's garage to be brought out on a sunny day for a short ride.

We've all read your trip reports and what you do with your motorcycles is exactly what they're are designed for. I for one think Raymond used the centennial award for someone that absolutely deserves it. You've probably made more people on this board happy than any other member here. Your turn brother.
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way to go, amazing miles/hours  rider
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Congrats, and well deserved!   :beer:   She's a beaut' and all the better not being a garage queen!  :motorcycle:
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It was only a matter of time.  Well done, Dutchy.

But super well done to you, Michael.

You are the unofficial hero to many on this bbs.

It's not just that you are a true road warrior who would likely never stop if these things didn't run out of gas eventually. 
It's not just that you write a hell of a trip report. 
It's not just that you lead such an interesting life, balancing time with family and exotic adventures around the globe.
It's not just that you are an exceptionally thoughtful and generous person that makes others feel good when being around you.

It's all of those things. 


I love all motorcycles.  Especially if they're a Honda.


Congratulations Michael, well deserved and way to go Dutchy.
A Beautiful bike  :beer:
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Hard earned and well deserved! Congrats Michael!


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Well deserved and one heck of a guy.... :beer:


Excellent choice!! Great bike, greater dude that rides it!! Congrats Michael!! :beer:
V4's are fun!


Well done Michael, great choice Dutchy  :thumb :thumb :thumb
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