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Dec. 2017 Bike of the Month

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This months winner's bike does not run, in fact it is not even together as a complete machine.

Doesn't matter, he is this months winner as I know when its done it will be a worthy BOTM.

If you were around 10-11 years ago you would have known him as a solid, knowledgeable, respected member of this Board. He had to step back though when he enlisted in the military.

Well he is back in the fold again and digging into his V4 with purpose, and sharing it with the Board.

This months BOTM is the last to come with a trophy, going forward all that will come with it is the glory :)

Once this months winner returned to the V4 family, there was never a doubt in my mind who was going to get the last trophy.

So, congratulations Ryan (C420sailor) your (some assembly needed) 83 VF1100C Magna is Dec. 2017's Bike of the


Welcome back!!!!!!!

Thank you!

This means SO much to me, especially since this post popped up just before I fired her up for the first time in nearly a decade. A bit of a smoke show, but she runs great. Clutch needs another bleed before I test ride her, but she has come so far.

Once I have her fully together, I'll post up a picture :)

Excellent Choice!

No doubt she'll be worthy of the award!

Congrats, been following your progress on the comeback thread.

Well done Ryan. I hope we can get our girls together sometime.  :thumb :beer: :thumb


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