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Recommend Jettting for 1983 V65 with Kerker Exhaust

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Hi Billy,

I have finally gotten my hands on a 1983 V65 Magna Project bike. Inevitably, I will need to tear the carbs down to do the cleaning and rebuild. Would you be able to recommend the jetting setup and a kit that I would source from you once I get to this point.
Many thoughts for your expertise in advance.


2 - 1984 V65 Sabres - daily riders
1 - 1983 V65 Magna - Project bike

Billy C:
40 slows, 142, maybe 145 mains. It is hard to dial it in perfect without a dyno/O2 wand up the pipe.
You want the mega or mega + kit. On the website or Billys Place here at the bottom pf the page.

Thank you for the reply Billy!!

With a stock filter I'd probably stay with the 140, if you're going to put a K&N filter in it then consider upping to 142.

I'm running stock air filter, 70A carbs, laser headers and Mac mufflers. 142 mains and 40 slows, 1HE needles, 6mm float height. At sea level, she ran over 100rwhp with an A/F ratio just at or above 13.0:1. 145s would be fat, especially at altitude and/or on a warmer day. Would the K&N justify 145s with your exhaust? Maaaaybe. With stock exhaust? No way, Jose.

I'd start with 142s.


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