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Felt throttle shaft washers.


Billy C:
  I have a boatload of them on order. Custom fab from wool felt to my measured spec. I'll add them to carb kits. If someone needs them, I'll offer them separate.
  10,000 minimum order.  :rolling:. If they shaft me I'll be  :bash:.

  Did anyone catch the pun?

Speaking of shafts... how are you planning on getting the throttle plates back on - with the staked screws?

I've used a regular screw - ONCE - with Red Loctite.

Billy C:
I avoid pulling them. But when I have to I reuse the old screw or a new screw and loctite blue. So far so good.

Billy C:
  Felt seals in stock. Perfect fit. $4.00 free shipping set of 5. 1st dozen orders, make payment via PayPal to


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