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Billy C:
  GL1500 boxer style 6 cyl.  Teardown 70% complete and kits documented.  Primo rebuild of the test rack this weekend and we'lll add kits, rebuilds to our website.
  95% an easy rack. Got some quirks of course. I got excited when it arrived. I like working on something different than the usual v4 fodder. The learning curve eats time though which is why mc shops do cheesy rebuilds. You can't put 10 or 20 hrs into a rack and stay in business.

Hurry up and get your kit together. I have a friend wanting me to do some more work on his valk and I've been putting it off. He also said I could buy a digisync and he'd pay for half and let me keep it. Can you tell he's a salesman?

I've already changed the timing belts and some stuff to his rear wheel and drive shaft.

Nice Billy.  :thumb :beer: :thumb

Billy C:

--- Quote from: Stretch on July 20, 2017, 01:46:51 PM ---Hurry up and get your kit together.

--- End quote ---
  Which level you want? I can put a kit together tonight. I have everything in stock. These are mostly 3G Magna carbs.
  The synch could get interesting. I don't recall ever seeing a 6 column manometer. I bumped into a synch guide on the web, haven't read thru it yet. No reason you can't switch off tubing to 5 and 6 as you work your way thru the synch. I looked at the bench synch as I was doing teardown. It was not immediately clear how it works.  The throttle linkage bar seems flimsy considering the length. Watch it for flex when doing a bench synch, That would throw stuff off.  Early in the game to say, know more by Monday.
  When you finish up that Valk, I have a wire harness on order for the Fairlane that needs installing. I'll hand over a Primo rack of 70As when you finish up. I am certain it is an easy job.  :rolling:

Billy C:

--- Quote from: Miecul on July 20, 2017, 01:58:13 PM ---Nice Billy.  :thumb :beer: :thumb

--- End quote ---

  Thanks. I am trying to up my game. Dunno if the 1st Gens are dying out or if it is competitors or what but biz has been slow this summer. We should be 4 weeks backlog, 10 days is where we are. Dana is all over facebook, building a website, hobnobbing in general. She is very good at networking. She also cleans/polishes a mean rack of carbs. I'd name the biz Dana's Out Back but bikers don't trust a girl.


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