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Billy C:
  Got a customer who has gotten Dana hooked up and helping put a website together. We lost biz when V4Mkt died and I am sick of eBay. We bought 4 or 5 domains. is one of them.  ;D  Billy's Out Back which is our DBA name. A few others. Trying to figure it all out but I see it happening in weeks/months.

Unless you're planning on offering all sorts of other V4 stuff I'd probably stay away from the V4Market one for now. You'll get covered up with questions about mc rebuild kits, pumpkins, hoses, thermostats.....

I'd probably go with the Billy's Out Back. I think that one would bring you the most carb business since you're using that name already. Andy looks like he's got most of the business on the other board but your name still comes up with good references. If you're thinking of this one I might be interested in going into the mc rebuild kit business.

I would disagree.
I think there is a place for v4 parts and think that could enhance bills business.
Yes you would need to stock parts, but I'd go that route
I'd do MCS and calipers

My $.02 of course

Billy C:
  I am slowly learning to keep up with the cell phone generation. Seems only us old guys rely on a PC or read ads. Seems less is more. Facebook is big. Dana has started us a page there and I try and poke my nose in occasionally. FB eats a lot of time though. Competition is fierce. I have somewhere around 3 copycats now. They come, they go but maybe 1 or 2 are gaining some traction. Maybe I have to expand my carb model offerings?  That is coming but an uphill battle competing with the current gurus.
  Re: It will link to the master domain Billy's Out Back and can be delinked if it becomes a negative. V4mkt was around long enough it gained name recognition so our thinking is a google search will show BOB near the top.
  I mentioned we may get others wanting to list their wares. I am open to that once we get up and running. Looks like it will be easy enough to add miscellaneous small parts as well. Stuff like synch springs, cleaned bare carb bodies, vacuum slides, maybe some KL stuff. We have some spare cash that needs to be invested, grow, in a low risk fashion. Resell is minimal effort, lick a stamp kind of labor. My heart is in rebuilds. Hoping Dana catches the resell fever. A new adventue and we will see where it leads.

Billy C:
  Forgot to mention, I have grown to hate ebay. No personal contact allowed before the sale. That is fine for widgets resellers but not a good model for carburetors that need some discussion. I find 10 minutes spent with a guy on the phone to be very gratyfying for the both of us. Non hardcore v4 newbs are thrilled to talk to someone who has btdt. I am thrilled to help a brother out. It also leads to business and referrals.


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