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Its hard work keeping these old bikes roadworthy, even harder keeping them looking like some of the bikes featured here.

So, in recognition of that, each BOTM in 2013 will receive a trophy like the one pictured here.

This one will go to John Hilmer shortly, my wife was kind enough to send Jan. and Feb. winners theirs as I was away.

So post up pics of your Pride and Joy in the Gallery section and show the guys here your hard work!

If theres enough interest and posts in the photo Gallery I'll buy another dozen for 2014.

Very cool Michael!  :thumb

John Hilmer:
Michael & All,

This is over the top.

I'm at a loss as to what to say about you providing these to us that you judge worthy.

I have the perfect place to display this one forever and I'll try to post an image of it after it arrives.


You are a class above!


Well dang! If that don't give incentive to dig those projects out of the barn, I don't what else will!
Great Idea, Michael! I owe you a beer, or several!  :beer:

Thats awesome!


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