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Started by Billy C, March 18, 2008, 01:53:44 AM

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Billy C

These are the products I normally sell with the BBS discounted prices. You can get a good description along with pics by looking at them on ebay, normally listed here - Keep in mind if you purchase it thru eBay you will pay eBay prices.  :wacko:  So come to me and let me know you are a V4 forum member and I will give you the pricing below. I honor my stuff. If you are not happy for any reason I'll refund your money including shipping. If you see a better way to do something I am open to improving things.

  Carb rebuild service - I do rebuild all the V4 Honda carbs, all years, all models. See here for details and pricing -

  Carb kits - I have kits available in 6 different flavors for most Honda V4 models. See the chart below to see which one fits your needs. (hint - get the Super carb kit if the money allows, best bang for the buck and I use this kit in all my rebuilds).  The ones listed below are applicable to 82 - 88. If you got something different I can most likely supply it. Just ask.
$16.00 - master cylinders lens kit, free shipping
$14.00 - thermostat and seal kit, free shipping
$14.00 - ss alt/clutch covers screw kit, free shipping
$14.00 - ss carb screw kit, free shipping
$32.00 - basic carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$52.00 - basic + carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$64.00 - super carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$84.00 - super + carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$124.00 - mega carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$144.00 - mega + carb kit with cd-rom,  free shipping
$5.00 - new main jet + shipping
$5.50 - new slow jet + shipping
$4.00 -  felt throttle shaft seals. Perfect fit. $4.00 free shipping set of 5. 1st dozen orders, make payment via PayPal to
$34.00 - 4 float valve assemblies, free shipping (I carry most but specify your model)
$20.00 - 4 factory type preformed float bowl gaskets as opposed to the o-ring type supplied with the basic carb kit, free shipping. I use the o-ring type on my own V65 Magna and they work very well but some folks want the preformed gaskets so I offer them.
$20.00 - air cut-off valves for 87-88 Super Magna, free shipping, price is for 1 each and includes the valve, spring and seal.
$6.00 - fuel filter, free shipping  You can save some $$$ by buying a WIX/NAPA 3011 or 33011
$44.00   -  Accel spark plug wire kit  82 - 86 V30, V45, V65 Magna and 87 -  88 Super Magna, free shipping. Available with yellow, black, blue wires and transparent red wires. These are the correct copper core 7mm wires and include NGK 5K ohm spark caps. You got a bike not listed? I can build a set maybe. Talk to me. Free shipping.

  I take paypal at, or my mailing address for money orders is -

Billy Carr
20706 State Highway 19
Canton, TX 75103


* Always ask if I have what you need in stock before sending money unless you are willing to wait for it.

It has been requested that I make up a chart that explains what is in each carb kit by type so here ya go -

83 V65 Magna gathering dust
Grand Saline, TX

Billy C

Quote from: v4guy on July 18, 2011, 04:35:27 PM
So what's the procedure to order something if I don't want to use eBay?
Just email you or is it better to call?

email me with your request, identify yourself as a BBS member so I invoice you at the discounted rate. Or call me. I can be hard to reach so keep trying. It's not that I am ignoring you, I'm just stretched real thin at times like during riding season. You can also buy it directly ay V4Market.


Email -
Paypal payments -
Seller name on eBay - fngster
Associate Website - 
Phone # 903-567-1543

83 V65 Magna gathering dust
Grand Saline, TX

Billy C

I've had some requests for the ss hydraulic lines but have been out of stock over the winter. Just placed an order and should be restocked by mid March.
83 V65 Magna gathering dust
Grand Saline, TX